Om and Home yoga-inspired pillows

Perfect Form

Chair pose? Only if it’s parked on the couch.
Cobra pose? Maybe slug.
Downward Dog? You find it ruff.

So you haven’t quite mastered all the yoga stances yet. But even if struggling into Backward-Facing-Upside-Down-Scorpion is anything but zen, at least one thing is easy: relaxing post-workout with these eclectic yoga-inspired Om and Home pillows.

Sailor, yoga teacher and crafter Naomi Iwabuchi is all about extending herself–which is why she took her passion for exotic Indian textiles and turned it into an enlightening mini-business. Tired of getting bent out of shape trying to find unique decorative pillows, she decided to stretch her creative muscles, upcycling old boat sails and kantha (a fabric composed of stitched-together saris) into eco-friendly pillows.

Her styles are enough to make you want to do a sun salutation: striking textures, vibrant patterns, deep red and blue hues and sweet embellishments like pom poms.

“It's my goal to one day make it to India and practice yoga in the country in which its philosophy is rooted—but, for now, playing with the country's fabrics is a great substitute,” she says. The result is a stylish exercise in sustainability.

We’re so inspired, we’re ready to try that Scorpion pose. (Ouch.) Er—maybe we’ll just stick with what we like to call the “Recline.”

Contact Naomi at for custom orders, or find select styles available at Owens & Co., 1152 Nuuanu Ave., 531-4300, for $68 each.