Oliver Men's Shop and De La Mer band together for a music-inspired men’s jewelry line

Sweet Style 'O Mine

Mick Jagger.
Lou Reed.
You, after a couple of beers and hogging the karaoke mic.

You don’t need to be a top record seller to be a rock star. All you have to do is smell a little bit like teen spirit (try not washing for a couple days), don’t stop believin’, and maybe pick up one of these “bands” Of The Year and “musical pieces” from the De La Mer / Parker Moosman jewelry collaboration collection.

Parker Moosman of Oliver Men’s Shop in Kailua has an extensive background in music, and an eye for men’s style. So when he and De La Merjewelry got together for an artistic jam session, it’s no surprise that it resulted in a sweet musical compilation of rings and pendants.

The heavy metal sterling-silver rings feature men’s-style minimalist bands with lyrics from greats such as Bob Dylan engraved on the inside. Other high notes of the collection are sterling-silver pendants in dog-tag or guitar-pick shapes, with engraved quotes by other musical giants such as Nirvana. We’re raving about the Elliott Smith “Would you be an outlaw for my love” pendant and the “Like a rolling stone” ring.

Low maintenance enough for the roadie lifestyle, but with a soulful volume turned up to 11? Sounds like sweet music to our ears.

Rings and pendants exclusive to Oliver Men’s Shop in Kailua, 49 Kihapai St., 261-6587.