Office Space

Lately it seems like you’ve not only got a case of the Mondays, but the Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays too.

And it doesn’t help that your cube, with its greige walls and furniture, has all the ambiance of a hospital room.

So put away the TPS reports and make yourself at home by sprucing up the joint a little bit.

Lei ChicChill Out
Sick of having your soda swiped from the break room? Nab yourself a Dream Cheeky Mini Fridge that plugs right into your computer’s USB port. Just under eight inches tall, it can hold a single 12-ounce can and even has an inner LED light that comes on if you’ve left the door ajar.


Lei ChicGoing Postal
Stick it to your co-workers with Knock Knock Cubicle Notes. The perfect blend of serious and silly, each sticky pad mixes standard fill-in-the-blank lines with hilarious phrases to check off. The "It’s Imperative That I Speak To You About…" sticky can finish with Hot Office Gossip, After-Work Drinks, or Our Stupid Boss and the equally amusing “Or Else…” sticky finishes with options like I’ll Cry, You’re Fired, or We’re All Doomed. Get the message?

Lei Chic

Flower Power
Forget the cheesy faux flowers and stiff plastic plants. Brighten up your desk with the USB Tulip Hub. These adorable digital blooms are compatible with both Mac and Windows systems, and have four high-speed ports and flexible stems.

Lei Chic


Stamp of Disapproval
You’ve got better things to do (like update your Facebook status) than read through your minions’ substandard reports and mediocre memos. Cut to the chase with Abusive Stamps, cheeky rubber stamps that provide the peons with hysterically honest feedback. And don’t worry, if the "File Under T for Trash" stamp doesn’t show them who’s boss, then the "Complete and Utter BS" and "This Is F-ing Urgent" versions surely will.

Lei ChicSuck It Up
Thanks to your piles of paperwork, your desktop rarely sees the light of day. So when the surface finally, um, surfaces, you need to send the dust and crumbs packing. Enter Paladone Products’ USB Desk Vac, the ingenious little gizmo modeled after a retro 70s-style upright vacuum. Just plug it into a port to turn it on and pop off the top half to empty it. The cord even wraps around a hook on the handle just like the real deal.


Lei Chic

Food For Thoughts
Be the envy of the office with your very own platter of Sushi Erasers . This whimsical little set comes with six super cute maki- and nigiri-shaped pieces on a playful faux-bamboo tray. Get yours to-go from SoHa Living at Kahala Mall.