October 2012: Table of Contents


Get Smart: How to Do Everything Better in Honolulu

There’s always a better “you” out there. Someone who can work better, whip up a tastier meal or even rock harder at karaoke. Start with any one of these 32 upcoming or ongoing classes and see what happens.

by maria kanai


Single in the City

We step into the often thrilling, sometimes taxing world of dating in Honolulu. Here are tales from the front lines of being single, whether you’re 26 or 88, straight or gay, looking for love or just looking.

by tiffany hill and christine hitt



Editor’s Page: You-niversity

Our guide to self-improvement in Honolulu.

by a. kam napier



Our readers respond.



Halloween Shocker

Get out and go. 

Q&A: Mayoral candidate Kirk Caldwell

Books: Hawaiian Music & Musicians 

Tasty new local treats

Unsolicited Advice

Field Notes: The Waikiki Neighborhood Board Meeting


Dining: Tour de Eats

Here’s an idea: You don’t have to have your full meal at one restaurant. You can eat one course, get up and go (don’t forget to pay!), and move on to the next restaurant. Call it progressive dining, or call it a food crawl. Master sommelier Patrick Okubo calls it “the best of everything.”

by martha chang


Afterthoughts: Boooo.

Halloween? Bah humbug.

by michael keany