Oceans is Back

Oceans 808 offers a very open floor plan with ample room for dancing.

Photo: Christine Hitt

After being closed for more than 12 months, Oceans will open its doors to the public Friday, November 21, under its new name, Oceans 808.  For a place that is trying to revitalize itself with a cutting-edge new look, adding 808 to its name—which is so ‘80s—seems corny.  For any and all of us, it will always be “Oceans,” and the 808 will soon be forgotten.  But, I say, “What’s in a name?”  Honolulu, this is the club you’ve been waiting for.  The inside looks amazing and I’m sure I’ll be frequenting it often.

Bar seating surrounds the dance floor below.

Photo: Christine Hitt

This glass water display rotates through a spectrum of colors.

Photo: Christine Hitt  

The friendly outdoor lanai.

Photo: Courtesy Oceans 808

For one, it’s not a restaurant pressed into after hours club duty.  It’s made specifically for the club-goer with a large, spacious dance floor.  Multiple lights and bursts of fog stream through and around the room.  The dance floor is surrounded by three elevated bars that have walkways between them, so walking through the dance floor is not a requirement.  There is also additional bar seating facing the dance floor below, making the dancers the center of attention at all times.

The lighting is great and plays off the ocean theme with the use of water and bold colors. Vibrant red, green and blue colors illuminate eye-catching glass water displays. The VIP area is hidden behind one of them with white couches set against a mirrored wall—which appears to be another water display at first glance. There are also abstract projections of turquoise light that make it look as though water is flowing on the walls. 

Upscale design and touches of dark woods, ceramic tiles and granite bar tops signal that the club hopes for a professional crowd.  And, although Oceans 808 is not a restaurant, it does have a tempting pupu menu.  I found many people enjoying the various sushi available, including ahi poke ($11.50).  Also available, Pulehu Steak ($10.75), chicken and seafood.

The intimate, outdoor lanai is still a favorite feature fronting Ala Moana Blvd., and a great spot to take a break from dancing, hear the other end of your cell phone call and chat with friends.  I’m happy that there are finally some options outside of Waikiki for dance clubs.  It will surely bring back the local crowd that it has always been known for and add more business to Restaurant Row.

So, grab some friends—or, a date—pick a restaurant for dinner, then spend the rest of your night at Oceans.

Age: 23+

Oceans 808
Restaurant Row
500 Ala Moana Blvd.,
Honolulu, HI

Monday to Saturday 4 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Parking available at the Restaurant Row complex, which is free after 10:30 p.m.