November 2012: Table of Contents


911 for the Life Aquatic

When whales get beached or entangled in fishing lines, when dolphins wash ashore or a baby monk seal is found abandoned—who you gonna call? The Marine Mammal Response Network.

by david thompson


Hawaii’s Most Endangered Historic Places

The Historic Hawaii Foundation, the state Historic Preservation Division and HONOLULU Magazine compile an annual list of some of our state’s most endangered sites.

by kathryn drury wagner


Where You Wen Grad?

Oh, high school. Is there any other time in our lives for which we’re so nostalgic, and yet so glad is over? We combed through almost 100 years’ worth of Hawai‘i yearbooks to find what’s changed about the local high-school experience, and what’s stayed exactly the same.

by michael keany


Honolulu in 1888

This feature is a time machine: Step inside to see and hear what daily life was like 125 years ago, when HONOLULU Magazine was first published.

by lavonne leong



Editor’s Page: Looking Back

As far as 1888, when this magazine was born.

by a. kam napier



Our readers respond.



1, 2, 3, grow!

Get out and go. 

The Architecture Center opens.   

Unsolicited Advice  

Going Pono      

The Outdoor Circle Turns 100      

Horse Sense        

Field Notes: Ladies Night at Aiea Bowl                



Cheese and wine accessories, top model Leilani Bishop, packing for cold weather and yoga-inspired goodies.

by stacey makiya and brie thalmann  


Dining: The Hawaiian Plate: Explained

Kalua pig, lau lau, lomi salmon, poi: How the now classic Hawaiian plate lunch came to be.

by martha cheng


From Our Files

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific—chronicling the Islands since 1888.

by maria kanai


Afterthoughts: Rear View Mirror

Objects of the past may be closer than they appear.

by michael keany