North Shore Peanut Butter

I found a coconut peanut butter so yummy, you'll need a vat of it.

I was up at the Waialua Farmers’ Market on Saturday. It’s fairly small still, sort of an up-and-coming market, which made it easy for me to beeline to the table of the vendor I was there to see: North Shore Goodies.

I’d sampled some of the company’s coconut peanut butter about a month ago, and found it so luscious, I practically wanted to use it as a moisturizer and rub it all over myself. The best part? The jar claims that inside are two ingredients only: coconut and peanut butter. “Really?” I asked Ruth Ann Reams, who runs the company with her chef husband, Marc. “We use everything but the shell,” she confirmed. And that’s it. It’s made locally, and the peanuts, she says, are even grown locally, on the Big Island.

I think this will be my new go-to gift for shipping to Mainland relatives. I only hope they get to taste it before I eat the whole jar … Small jars are $6, big jars, $25. You can find a listing of venues where North Shore Goodies sells the product, which is also available in a chocolate version, at, or, you can also order via the website.