No Pain, All Gain

You’ve heard of Yogilates. Call this Therapilates.

Kailua’s new Pilates studio, Health in Harmony, offers private sessions and classes taught by Jessica Stare, who has a dual certification in both Stott and Polestar Pilates, plus a master’s degree in physical therapy.

She rehabs shoulders, backs and other injuries for her therapy patients – but her brand of individually customized Pilates can rehab your flabby abs too.

www.leichic.comBy combining Pilates moves with advanced physical therapy exercises, Stare’s classes – there are 12 each week – are some of the most effective for building flexibility, balance and core stability in a safe way. Your body will be stretched and strengthened – but not stressed or strained.

There’s no “pushing past” or “breathing through” pain here. Instead, Stare can develop specific-to-you exercises so you keep getting stronger and more flexible, without causing or aggravating an injury.

Try a class free on the first Monday of every month (December 3 is the next one) at 8:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Health + Harmony Pilates , 26 Hoolai Street, Suite 200, Kailua. Call 277-7641 or e-mail for a full schedule of classes and prices.