Nice Threads
Little Miss Suzy Homemaker and her sewing machine ain't got nothing on you and your hot glue gun.  

Or at least that's what you told yourself while attempting to repair your beloved pencil skirt's unraveling hem. 

Better to leave the cutting and pasting to the professionals like seamstress extraordinaire Susan Medina, who can mend your clothes minus the hot mess.  

And her skills don’t stop with fixer-uppers.  

Want to revive a go-to garment that you've worn into the ground? Medina can duplicate it seam for seam from scratch.  

Can't get the perfect fit at the store? She can whip up a custom creation perfectly tailored to your body’s measurements that will flaunt all your best assets and curves. You can even bring her a photo of a desired style and she’ll replicate it, as good as the original.  

You just pay for the fabric, notions and labor, and she’ll sew up the loose ends.

Which means you win by a thread.

Susan Medina, 808.352.3733