New Tees and Totes from Lauren Roth

The artist offers these wearable pieces for the first time.


Whoever says you can’t wear art has never seen this, this or this. As an art aficionado yourself, you’re all about filling your wardrobe with fine work, so you’ll be delighted to know that local artist Lauren Roth has added bags and tees to her portfolio of pieces.

Roth has been painting for years, even crafting fun trucker hats adorned with her peppy prints. Earlier this month she went for the big picture, expanding her wearable masterpieces to include cotton tops, handy clutches and versatile totes, decorated with Roth’s sweet sketches.

A white, hand-sewn clutch is covered in a colorful pattern of whales, palm trees, surfboards and other tropical characters, while a cheery pineapple graces a comfy, organic-cotton tee. Ready for a second coat? Reusable cotton totes come with island-appropriate fronds against a color-blocked “aloha,” while a precious assortment of navy seashells tiles a grey shirt.

Now that’s a pretty picture.

$16–$52 at