New real estate radio show…on the internet

Realtor Kelly Mitchell knows people are busy, but still want to get information and resources about real estate in different ways. If you're looking for quick bites of information to enhance your business knowledge, you may want to check out her new internet radio show, “Agent Caffeine.”

The one-hour talk show is live every Thursday at 9 p.m. EST (4 p.m. in Hawaii) at If you miss the show, you can access the archives here. (I like having it on my computer so I can absorb the information while I work.)

“I wanted to bring my friends and extended family of realtors—in real estate, social media, technology and business, a wealth of great brains and talent—so you can connect the way I’ve been able to connect and learn,” says Mitchell, who is the host and producer.”There’s so much talent in and around real estate. I know you’re busy, so you don’t have the time to find these resources. I’ll do it for you.”

Her first guest was Sherry Chris, president and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate; tonight’s guest is REtechSouth founder Brad Nix.

“We’ll share a little news, trends on the horizon, new tech, and talk about killer events, strategies and transitions. Our listeners can benefit from game-changing strategies, new technologies, and revisit practices that make people successful,” Mitchell says. “It’s agent-centric, but we don’t get so technical that laypeople can’t understand. The goal is to share useful business information with everyone.”

Mitchell is the head of The Kelly Mitchell Group at Elite and is the CEO of RECake, a branded mobile app for realtors.