New Petroglyph-Themed Cards From Aloha Letterpress

This sweet stationery is handmade and Hawaiian-inspired.

Attention, all wordsmiths. You are now entering an archaeological excavation site. Today we're in the Aloha Letterpress stratum, where we're digging up notecards that are true artifacts.

Inspired by the ancient Hawaiian form of communication, petroglyphs, the new Kii Pohaku collection by designer Linda Coleon was just uncovered yesterday. The four new cards, which feature rust-brown surfers, canoes, paddlers, fish and octopuses in a classic, pictogram style are the perfect finds for your collection of cards.

There's much more to bury yourself in from the Aloha Letterpress cache of sweet statonery specimens. Think hula dancers, ipu, taro, pineapples and even Polynesian tattoos in a rainbow of colors, from cheery lavender to subdued gold to chipper tangerine. Coleon designs all the letterpress plates herself and prints the cards by hand on her antique Chandler and Price printing press.

Go ahead and classify these one-of-a-kind samples as "Gotta Have It."

We're basically Indiana Jones-ing for them.

Kii Pohaku line available personalized, or with Mahalo or Aloha wording. $40 for a set of 20 cards and envelopes at the Aloha Letterpress Etsy shop.