New Ocean-Inspired Pillows from Ecolicious

We’re always looking for new reasons to nap.


Watching YouTube videos of baby goats.

Walking through the kids’ section at Zara.

Everything about the movie Up (especially that intro sequence!).


We admit it: We’re total softies. Whether it's a tearjerker or too-cute-to-handle moment, we’re right there in the front row with our tissues, loving every adorable second. We're basically always ready to come in with an “aww,” but we’ve got a soft spot for something else, too.


We’re also suckers for snoozing in style, so Ecolicious’ latest creations are turning our insides to mush. Introducing its sweet pillows, chic little clouds of naptime goodness that can add some tropical class to your interior aesthetic. Debuted at the Made in Hawai‘I Festival this past weekend, you’ll be able to snap these pretty little pieces up on the Ecolicious site soon, so stay tuned. 


The Ecolicious team already has years under their belt harnessing Hawaiian style and putting it into bags, tees and caps, but now they’re making waves with home décor. And, “waves” is right: This inaugural line of three pillows goes deep with a lineup of marine-inspired designs that pays homage to our Island icons. One features an elegant conch shell, with lovely fine points incorporating blush shades and frilled textures. A fiery orange-and-yellow seahorse intertwined with seaweed stands at attention on another, while everyone’s friendly favorite, the honu, makes a majestic appearance on the third. With wonderfully detailed art produced by owners Carol and Dexter DʻAngelo, this ocean series is just the beginning. Look for more pillow sets in the future—the next collection will incorporate on-trend tropical leaves.


Going soft never looked so good.


$35 for one, or $90 for three. Available soon at