New Mini Meems Collection from M33Ms Jewelry

These upcycled little gems have big appeal.


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How in the world are you supposed to choose a family fave when all the kin are so darn kick-ass? Good genes are seriously in abundance these days.

The latest in sibling finery to hit our radar is Mini Meems, little sister to architectural, modernist line M33Ms Jewelry by local designer Emiko Miyazawa. Sold exclusively at the MORI boutique in Ward Village Shops, this collection is inspired by Miyazawa’s love of antiques and upcycling, making good use of refurbished estate jewelry and scrap metal that she has collected over the past 10 years.

Think angular, geometric studs and drop earrings, emblazoned with the signature M33Ms logo; gold-filled wire earrings in simple shapes; and sturdy, minimalist logo midi rings. Miyazawa started as a hobbyist making beaded works and wire wrapping, so you’ll find some of those blast-from-the-past pieces in Mini Meems. In other words? They're just the versatile, edgy gems to fit into your closet’s modern family. And because these sustainable baubles are made from recycled or refurbished materials, they’re almost all one of a kind. But don’t worry: There’s no need to use up the family fortune on these pint-size pieces—all items can be yours for less than $75 dollars.

Those are some good relations.

$10–$75 at MORI, Ward Village Shops, near The Face Shop. Go to for more information.