New Digs and Nēnē Gear from About the Goods

And it all kicks off with a party this Friday, May 5.
About the Goods
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REAT news, guys. Our apartment building just A-OKed us owning pets, aka any urban-dweller’s wistful dream. Now, we’re going through the pros and cons of different critters. Shiba? Um, not unless we want to spend an arm and a leg. A kitty? Not after reading this article from The Atlantic. Hey, how about a nēnē? Sounds perfect, right?

About the Goods


We doubt our landlord would be OK with a critter quite that exotic, no matter how trending it is. But we can still get our nēnē fix at About the Goods’ fresh, new Bethel Street digs. The minimal, industrial space, which opened last month, is stocked with the streetwear brand’s tees and shirts, as well as hats, backpacks, totes, duffels and vinyl records. Serving as the official mascot, the quintessentially Hawaiian goose will appear on newly dropped gear this week, as an elegant, stylized icon adorning comfy tees and a sticker. It all drops at a launch party on First Friday, complete with DJs spinning tunes and complimentary drinks.


Even better, this release is just the beginning of the brand’s planned monthly releases and First Friday bashes. Sounds like a real party house, right? With the new location right in festive Downtown, it’s an ideal spot for reconnecting with one of the team’s original sources of inspiration: music. The new place (which is 150 square feet bigger than the brand’s previous location) comes equipped with a DJ booth. And, while the store will still be carrying some of the team’s favorite streetwear lines from other designers, it’s ready to focus more heavily on the ATG brand at this location, with more cut-and-sewn products, including aloha shirts that made a splash at HONOLULU Fashion Week. Also on the roster are special pop-ups from other local artists, as well as products shoppers can only snag in-store.


About the Goods


Now that is one pretty cool pet project.


1145 Bethel St. Launch party happening this Friday, May 5, 5–9 p.m., 744-4606,