New cosmetic technologies to freshen your look

Sponsored Edition: Ahead of the Curves

Hawaii Plastic Surgery Associates

Things you hope will disappear if you just ignore them: Credit card offers. Telemarketers. Those annoying late night chat requests from the old college drinking cohort who found you on Facebook. Your muffin top.

Okay, so it turns out that stubborn belly bulge is sticking around. And no amount of those chest exercises you tried when you were 12 ever actually increased your bust. (Thanks for nothing, Judy Blume.)

Dr. Todd Mirzai and Dr. Bao Phan That’s why you gotta love the miracles of modern science. Where your genetics fell flat, Hawaii Plastic Surgery Associates can give you a lift. Dr. Mirzai and Dr. Phan are leaders in introducing new and innovative cosmetic technologies to Hawaii, including some solutions to keep you hot from head to toe.

Want to boost your bust without silicone or saline implants? Or what about trimming away stubborn fat from your thighs or tummy? A revolutionary procedure called breast lipoaugmentation can do both. With liposuction, unwanted excess fat is removed, then transferred into tissues surrounding the breast glands to enhance volume and shape. The results look and feel more natural than artificial implants, and your whole body’s contours will be more balanced and proportioned – no synthetic materials necessary.

The bottom line: you’re ridding yourself of excess fat, and shifting it somewhere you could use the extra oomph.

Giving you a win-win transformation. That’s the beauty of it.

Dr. Mirzai and Dr. Phan were the first to offer this ground-breaking procedure in Hawaii. Learn more about the process – and see an actual patient’s results – in this video. (Heads up, there is actual surgery footage shown.)

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