New Collection and Temporary Tattoos From Pi Jewelry

Sport these minimal jewelry pieces or temporary tattoo adornments.


Take out your textbooks and pull out your protractors, students, because this lesson is about to begin, and you definitely will want to measure up.


Let’s start with the basics, shall we? It’s no use tackling tetrahedrons when you still need to sharpen up on simple roots. I’m talking about making your everyday outfit equation take shape with understated accessories that radiate chic.


It doesn’t take trigonometry to reconcile these numbers. The new collection from the mathemagicians over at Pi jewelry has multiple angles for you to straighten out a style that’s going in circles. That includes the brand’s signature sleek, gold-filled bracelets, studs and necklaces in shapely models sporting hexagons, scalenes and squares. For some exponential attitude, factor in the line’s new additions, such as sexy body chains and modern, “ear-climber” cuffs versatile enough to bring out some edge in any outfit. Turn the drama up a good 180 degrees by piling multiple pieces, or wear them solo for a singularity of stylishness.


And let’s not forget to graph the other point of this trendy love triangle, the temporary tattoo collab between Pi and GOLD KISSED, released last fall. It’s hip to be square with these of-the-moment gleaming gold gems that stay on skin for five to seven days. It’s a well-rounded, sun-goddess look that’s been taking the beach-chic crowd by storm, and Pi’s version—with minimalist triangles, clean lines and understated diamonds—has some pretty perfect form.


Math just became invariably cool. Go figure.


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