New Choc On The Block

Mouth: I’m really sorry – I couldn’t help it!

Thighs: We know Sweet Paradise Chocolates are to die for, but master chocolatier Melanie Boudar hasn’t been accepting Internet orders. So where’d you get the chocolate contraband?

Mouth: Well … (Bites bottom lip.)

Thighs: Spill it, loose lips.

Mouth: The thing is, she just opened an O‘ahu storefront today…in the former Dawn’s space next to Saku in Kailua? It’s amazing in there. There’s a 9-foot cacao tree, a giant mural, little gifts and soaps, and even hot and iced chocolate, tea and coffee.

Thighs: What else? We know it wasn’t soap that’s got us gasping for air in these jeans.

Mouth: Her all natural bon-bons and truffles, plus an expanded line with Hawaiian chili pepper-glazed mac nuts; chocolate-covered cacao beans; gourmet dipped pretzels; barks and bars made with hemp seed, goji berry, key lime and pistachio; fresh dipped and decorated berries and fruits, chocolate bentos, fondu. (Licks lips) I’m going back right now – don’t even try and stop me.

Thighs: We’re putting on running shorts, and we’re heading a different direction. Or else soon we won’t be able to show face anywhere!

Mouth: Um, don’t you mean show thigh?

Sweet Paradise Chocolates, 20-A Kainehe St., Kailua. 808.557.5358