New Bradley and Lily Notebook Designs

These precious pads are the perfect stationery stocking stuffers.


If you haven’t already started stocking up on stocking stuffers, you’d better get on your feet. You don’t want to be left with nothing but lumps of coal for your loved ones, especially when they’ve been so nice (well, mostly). You need some fillers that are the stocking stuff of dreams.

Hang ’em on the chimney with flair packed with these beautiful new journals from Bradley and Lily. The convenient mini style is perfect for popping into a purse or schoolbag for on-the-go notes, or for adding a little chipper style to your writing desk.

Plus, the pretty designs make these pads ideal for anyone. Choose from designs such as the too-cute shave-ice print or the serene watercolor Diamond Head aloha journal. We love the elegance of the soft teal notebook with liliko‘i flower sketches, and the modern, tropical feel of the off-center hibiscus pad will knock your socks—er, stockings—off.

Fill ’er up, we say.

$4, South Shore Paperie, 1016 Kapahulu Ave., 744-8786.