New Boutique: Flotsam and Co. Has Some Sweet Maritime Style

This shop is an aquanaut’s paradise.


You’ve been scanning the periscope for something new on the shell-jewelry horizon for a while. You’re looking for something that’s a little different, but still has that boho, mermaid feel. You also want something that’s accessible, crafted using real, upcycled treasures from the sea and locally made. Ha. Don’t hold your breath.


No, seriously. You don’t have to hold your breath anymore, because, instead of diving into the ocean for the sunrise shells of your dreams, you can head over to the new Flotsam and Co. boutique by diver/jewelry maker/former graphic designer Karen Sawicki. Sawicki started the Flotsam and Co. brand one year ago and has already built up a following from showing her work—which ranges from jewelry to men’s grooming and skincare products—in local boutiques and at shopping events. This weekend, she takes the next plunge, with a brick-and-mortar location in Ward Village Shops under The Spaghetti Factory.


Talk about deep-sea chic. Sawicki’s space is a maritime wonderland of displays composed of her own collection of curiosities. Shell and shark-tooth pendants hang alongside decorative plates sporting painted galleons; framed vintage scientific diagrams and maps pepper the walls; and a huge piece of driftwood hangs suspended above the checkout counter. A bust of an antique diving helmet and aged treasure chests grace the tables, along with Sawicki’s eclectic range of bracelet, cuff and necklace creations.


Sawicki’s myriad experiences inform her collection, from her time delving into the art of scrimshaw after being gifted with a kit from an old sailor, to her childhood diving, to her tenure as a fine-arts student at The Cooper Union in New York City. Take a peek at the Flotsam & Co. website and you’ll find delicate charm necklaces with intricate scrimshaw detailing, upcycled pendants made from the seaswept flotsam (get it?) found in Sawicki’s travels and even all-natural nautical-themed shaving sets handcrafted here on O‘ahu. From accessories that are surfing-safe, to everyday-ready bedazzled adornments, to, of course, gem-and-shell pieces, the shop has enough bling to inundate your ensembles with style and breathe something new into your closet. No mask required.




Flotsam and Co. opens Saturday, Feb. 27, 10 a.m.–9 p.m. It is located on the ground level of Ward Village Shops beneath Kincaid’s. Visit for more information.