New Boutique Buzz: Echo and Atlas in Chinatown

Take a detour to this stylish, eclectic spot.
Photo: courtesy of Echo and Atlas website. 


Attention, travelers! We’re going to be making a slight change to our travel plans. But don’t worry about missing out on chic sights—the destination we’re heading for is a stylish hotspot, curated with finds from far and wide. In fact, you’ll want to mark your map, because you’ll definitely want to book another trip here soon.


We’re talking about Echo and Atlas, the coolest new boutique to hit Chinatown. This bright and airy shop is owned by Julianne McGee, a lifetime fashion and boutique lover with a traveler’s résumé that’s off the charts: She’s lived, shopped and explored the art scenes in New Orleans, Kaua‘i, Boston, New York and San Francisco, to name a few. Plus, she’s packing some serious retail industry experience, with stints in visual merchandising, sales and operations under her belt—everything you need to start up a successful store.


McGee’s selected some of her favorite pieces to pack the edgy space, which boasts exposed-brick walls, sleek wood shelving and décor pieces that are sure to be conversation starters (think mounted skulls, kites shaped like galleons and hanging tapestries). You’ll find everything from organic coffee body scrubs to indigo textiles to candles with sassy sayings to an exceptional, minimal ceramic French press that we definitely, inarguably need. McGee even has scores of dainty thrifted glassware that she’s gleaned throughout her travels.


On the fashion front, the racks are full of cheeky graphic tanks, easygoing button-downs and lacy shifts that are ideal for modern, effortless Island style. Look for local designers in the weeks to come, including Rumi Murakami, Andrew Mau and Amelia Samar. McGee also hopes to expand in the future—think more locations, and maybe even a house line.


One thing’s for sure: This is one brand that’s bound to go places.


1 N. Hotel St., 536-7435. Open Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m.–7 p.m.