New Bath Bombs From Maui Soap Co.

These new, fun beauty products smell out-of-this-world fresh.


Attention, citizens of Earth. This is a planetwide broadcast alerting you to the fact that our scientists have discovered a new sudsing system—and it is a vision of beauty. Never has our universe had a chance to see these divine bodies orbiting so close to our galaxy, so you’ll want to take advantage by reaching for the sky and snagging a piece of this breathtaking phenomena for yourself.


No, we’re not talking about planets, so put away your telescopes. We mean the new bath bombs from Maui Soap Co., colorful orbs in gorgeous, cosmic colors, such as bright blue, neon green and spunky watermelon. Just toss one of these playful, fizzing spheres into your tub to get your bath water smelling clean and fresh. Fun scents and color schemes include Hibiscus Bliss, Island Dream, Paradise Crush and Beach Days.


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The bombs’ heavenly, tropical scents will make bath time out-of-this-world fun—think subtle fruitiness, tangy sweetness and a clean, fresh smell, reminiscent of perfumed talcum powder. Another reason these are real stars? They’re luxuriously moisturizing, made with coconut oil, shea butter and organic, sustainable palm oil, which will saturate your skin, leaving it supple and satisfied.


Talk about taking your beauty routine to the great beyond.