New Arabian Nights Jewelry Collection From Kai Ea Hawai‘i

Exotic earrings made with precious metals and dangling gems.

Salaam, worthy friend. Welcome to my humble Agrabah shop. You remind me of a certain desert flower that crossed camel paths with me a few years back. Same big eyes, same lustrous hair. I bet you even have the same taste in trinkets, so you're in luck! I happen to have some of the beauty's favorite jewelry pieces for sale right here, from Kai Ea's new Arabian Nights collection.

She couldn't resist precious metals, so the 14-karat-gold-fill, rose-gold-fill and sterling silver options really lit her lamp. (Don't repeat this, but she's a bit of a princess.) Plus, you can select a gem to grace the center of each piece. Talk about swag fit for a sultan's daughter.

She especially treasured the earrings' exotic shapes, which, perhaps, reminded her of home. Geometric designs with graceful curves accented by regal points: They looks exactly like her childhood palace. Sure, she ran away, but doesn't mean she doesn't still love the place. And did you see the Kai Ea Arabian Nights video? She loved that too—anything with showmanship. (Just look at her boyfriend.)

You're very welcome! A friend like me takes pride in helping you look beautiful, and this new collection is bound to open up a realm of fresh style possibilities for you.

I guess you could call it a whole new world.

$45–$65, available on order at Add gems for $10.