Neighborhood Report: Makiki is Full of Charm and Value

We love Makiki for its consistency, its prices and its proximity to town.
Photos: Courtesy of Kat Wade


Makiki is one of those neighborhoods that everybody lives in at some point. There are a lot of Makiki lifers, but also many who live there for short periods of time while in school, right out of college or as young professionals. There’s good reason—it’s conveniently near town, charming Mānoa Valley is just up the street and some very good schools are right around the corner.


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Real estate-wise, the area known as Makiki Heights has mostly single-family homes. The Makiki flats are, meanwhile, is home to condominiums and apartment buildings, as well as small retail pockets of shops and restaurants. Makiki is tried and true—a place where you know just what you’re going to get, and one that rarely sees much change.




Last year, 145 one-bedrooms sold in Makiki with a median price of $311,000. In that same time, 120 two-bedroom homes sold, with a median price of $422,500, along with 33 studios, with a median price of $231,082. Currently 76 condos are for sale in Makiki—and they’ll go quickly, with most on the market for only a couple of weeks.


Great values can be found in small community buildings such as the Oahuan, Pakalana and Terraza; and walk-ups with low maintenance fees are nestled throughout the smaller streets. Then there are the midrange high-rises, including the Mott Smith Laniloa and Royal Vista, with fabulous views and reasonable prices. At the pointy end of the market, 1010 Wilder Ave., 999 Wilder Ave. and other buildings along the Punchbowl end of the neighborhood offer large units, security and prices that are commensurate. Residents of these buildings tend to live there for a long period of time, meaning less frequent turnover than the smaller buildings. 



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