Naturist Getaways?

Hawaii could use a few nude beaches, I pointed out in my July Afterthoughts column. I got some positive feedback from readers who supported the idea. But the most fun e-mail I received was from, a website that compares airline prices.

In the e-mail, the company’s PR department noted that people are fed up with paying airlines’ excessive baggage charges, and proposed an unusual solution: a “nakation,” the ultimate way to pack light. “A recent poll revealed that 2 percent of holidaymakers took a nakation just to avoid paying baggage charges,” the company claims.

Well, a nakation would certainly make packing a lot easier. No more deciding whether to bring a dress or a skirt, two longsleeved shirts or three. No more shoving your shoes and sports coat into your suitcase and hoping you still have room for shampoo. even helpfully suggested some, uh, shall I say “destinaked-tions.”

Helsinki, Finland:  Steam yourself silly with up to 30 strangers at the Kotiharju Sauna in Helsinki.

La Jenny, France:  A naturist resort in France boasts Europe’s only naked golf course. You won’t need to pack your argyle socks!

Costa Natura, Spain:  Eat your paella in the buff at this quiet, secluded nudist enclave.

Okayama, Japan:  Thousands of g-string-clad men drink sake on one of the coldest days of the year and jump up and down for the Shinto religion’s Hadaka Matsuri, otherwise known as the “Naked Festival.” Now, a loin cloth can easily fit into your carry-on, so you should be all set.

If you’re on a budget and planned to stay home this summer, I guess you can always consider another option: The stay-nak-ation.