Natural Woman

Just because you were born with your current hair color doesn’t mean your locks aren’t chemically enhanced.

You’ve got an arsenal of NASA-grade gels and hairsprays you use every day, plus industrial-strength shampoo to strip it all out. Not to mention the lab-created conditioner you need to coax your strands back into soft and shiny behavior.

For truly natural haircare, head to Megumi Organic Salon in Kaimuki. Only open a month, the salon offers completely chemical-free cuts, colors and styling – just no highlights, perms or straight perms. And it’s all done in a space that was renovated using non-toxic paints, no glue, and all secondhand or recycled furniture and materials.

While working at other salons, owner Lisa Nematjanova noticed her own bad reaction to all the chemicals in hair color and styling products (hairspray was the worst offender). So she researched and found totally organic haircare products and coloring methods.

Now, she colors only with henna, which can create a wide spectrum of colors beyond the usual red. By mixing the henna with other plant extracts, such as indigo, lemon or cinnamon, and varying the amount used and length of time it’s left on hair, she’s given clients color from golden blond to deep auburn.

Even her styling methods are innovative. Without hairspray, Nematjanova styles her clients’ ‘dos with just gel, mousse and a blow dryer.

Talk about a natural wonder.

Megumi Organic Salon, 1137 11th Avenue, Suite 201, Kaimuki, 808.626.5572. Open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.