Name Dropping

Remember the necklace Carrie thought she lost when she was in Paris with the Russian? It wasn’t really about jewelry, you know – it was symbolic of her lost identity after moving to France just for him. Once she discovered it hiding in her purse lining, Carrie also found herself again, and Mr. Big too (learn what happened next in the Sex and the City movie premier Friday).

Just like Carrie, now you can keep hold of your true self wherever you go, with a 14k gold-fill or sterling silver wire-wrapped name necklace, hand-crafted to order by Tiffany Young, owner of Bamboo Sky. She’ll wire wrap any name you desire – eight letters max – and punctuate it with your chosen

color of Swarovski crystal, all in two days or less.

You can be creative, too – some people design their pets’ names, or their kids’, husband’s, boyfriend’s, or even inspirational sayings. You can always peek at the sample necklaces and the completed orders awaiting pick-up in the store’s showcase for ideas, but just ensure that your chosen name will be like you – unique.

Because, would a necklace by any other name look this sweet? Or will you have to get one and find out…?

Available via in-store or phone order at Bamboo Sky, 401 Kamake‘e St. (across from Nordstrom Rack), Honolulu . 808.591.8003