My Weekend Picks: The Hitt List

Here are some of my picks happening this weekend that I wouldn’t miss, and you shouldn’t either.


1.  One of my favorite Friday night promotions is coming to an end.  This Friday night is the final Candy Bar at Pearl.  Bet on it being packed, as F&M Present—always the partiers—know how to go out with a bang.  Email to get on the free guest list.  Regular cover is $10.

2.  What is more fun than watching people run around dressed up as anime characters—while singing karaoke, playing video games and acting out their character on stage?  Those are only some of the things that are going on this weekend at Kawaii-Kon, Hawaii’s anime convention and conference being held at the Hawaii Convention Center from April 10-12.  There’s even a black-tie, formal ball, with actual ballroom dancing!  Adult prices start at $25 for one day; an additional $15 to attend the ball Friday night.  Check out for more information and schedule. 

3.  The Koolau Golf Club is hosting an Eggstravaganza Family Fair Easter Sunday, sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu.  There will be 10,000 golf balls along the course that can be exchanged for 10,000 eggs.  For more information, call 532-1111 or visit
4.  Who isn’t mesmerized by the movements of belly dancers?  This Sunday at Pipeline Cafe, Hawaii’s tribal fusion belly dance companies will perform alongside two California groups.  A tribal fusion dance company called The Indigo, and Beats Antique, an underground hip-hop band with a Middle Eastern world beat groove with a dancer of their own, Zoe Jakes. Tickets available at the Pipeline box office, UH box office and all Jelly’s locations.  $15 pre-sale, $18 at the door. and