My Christmas (Hitt List) Wish List

Christmas is still 6 months away, but I thought that this would be a good time to share my Hawaii nightlife wish list… just in case someone wants to give me a gift this year. 🙂


Even better: a rooftop bar with an ocean view.

1. More rooftop bars. With all of the hotels and high rise buildings that we have in Honolulu, you would think it would be possible to have at least one open-air, rooftop bar to rival the Highbar in New York or the outdoor patio of Pure in Las Vegas.

2. A better music venue. The Neal Blaisdell Center can be too big, and Pipeline Café can be too small. I’m looking for one that’s just right—and, will hopefully bring in more diverse acts.

3. A DJ at RumFire. One of our only oceanfront bars that isn’t completely taken over by tourists, this venue has everything right. Now, if only they’d have a DJ there nightly, I’d probably show up more.

4. An underground dancing scene would be nice. Remember the scene in Dirty Dancing when Baby helps that guy carry watermelons? And then, she discovers a roomful of professional dancers? Yea, that would be fun.

5. More music festivals with different genres. Model SXSW—on a smaller scale, of course. Have bands of multiple genres play at multiple venues over a course of days, and maybe our music community will grow, instead of leave Hawaii.

6. A grown up singles scene. For the thirty something’s and up who are tired of clubs—and really don’t care if you have drink specials, because they can afford to buy their own drinks! A place to mingle with singles that are classy professionals is forgotten by most promoters.


Have something you’d like to add to my list? Share your thoughts below!