Mr Nice Guy

Just be honest, your mom always told you. I won’t be mad if you tell me the truth.

If only Mom ran the adult world, you could tell people what you really think without the messy confrontation. Tell your neighbor to keep his dogs from pooing on your lawn. Or that girl in yoga that her thong is showing again. Or your ex to give your stuff back.

But while you may not like critiquing people directly, you can still play nice and deliver a helpful, anonymous suggestion – thanks to Nice Critic, a free site that comfortably communicates difficult thoughts through constructive but subtly wicked statements like There seems to be some back hair poking out of your collar or Please wash your hands after using the bathroom. Nice Critic will send your choice of email to the offending party, make them think twice about their behavior (or hygiene), and no one will be the wiser.

Because having nothing nice to say doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say anything at all. Just tell the truth – nicely – and it won’t hurt one bit.


Nice Critic is online at