Movers and Shakers
Summer’s here, and the beach barbecue invitations are pouring in.

You’ll show up with your famous potato-mac salad – but sadly, you’ll also be bringing a serving of muffin tops, a side of cottage cheese thighs and a heaping helping of beer belly.

It’s time to kick the cookies to the curb and sign up for Mehetia Productions' 14-day Tahitian Dance Boot Camp, which uses fast-paced, high-energy Tahitian dance moves to shake you into serious shape.

Need proof? On average, previous boot campers have lost one pound or 1.5 inches a day.

But be forewarned: this boot camp isn’t the wimpy, air-conditioned version you see at the gym. Held at Kualoa Beach Park, and led by professional Polynesian hula dancer and choreographer Charelle Silva, these sessions include four hours a day  of intense, heart-pounding, hip-gyrating, sweat-inducing workouts.

The first hour is all cardio, focusing on sit-ups, push-ups, weight training, and an invigorating run on the beach. Then you’ll learn traditional Tahitian dance movements, which require serious muscle control. The continuous arm action works wonders on your upper body, while the leg moves and bootie-shaking hip swivels whittle down your core. Then comes the fun stuff – putting all your newly-learned moves together into a Polynesian song-and-dance combo.

Even if you don’t know a thing about Tahitian dance, you’ll fit right in. Here, it’s all about the workout – no competition is involved. Most of the boot campers are beginners, just looking for a great sweat session.

You’re even given nutritional guidelines and a workout journal to help you eat healthy along the way.

So at your next summer potluck, the only thing you’ll be bringing is a six-pack.

Tahitian Dance Boot Camp sessions are available all summer, starting June 18. For more info, or to sign up, call 808.723.4988 or visit