Movers and Bakers

Lei ChicThe operation was supposed to be simple; make dessert for those hungry, hungry hippos at your little one’s birthday party. But one taste and your heart goes kerplunk — your treats turned out more sorry! than candy land.

Hopscotch over to the new Fairycakes mobile cupcakery.

The moving sweet shop is the baby of Pei Chen and Wendy Awai, two moms who met during their children’s swimming lessons. They turned to friend Eliza Hall, a professional baker, to make their wish for keiki-ready cakes come true.

Fairycakes offers mind-bogglingly good cupcakes. But for a twister, try its whoopie pies. The red velvet features a tangy, but not heavy, cream cheese filling sandwiched between two tender slices of cake. The lilikoi pie rings true with the zing of real fruit. It also offers chocolate mint, carrot and traditional pumpkin and chocolate vanilla flavors. Or, grab a slab of Fairycakes’ deliciously chewy brownie with handfuls of chocolate chips and walnuts.

All tasty reasons to roll Fairycakes into your driveway, and prove you’re uno when it comes to tracking down treats.

Now that’s how to win the game of life.

Fairycakes will be on Keeaumoku Street today, and various other spots for the rest of the week. Hours are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Check Fairycakes on twitter,  facebook , or call 808.447.8862 for locations.