Motion Pictures

Surfing the North Shore when the waves get overhead is a real rush – so you’ve heard. Getting barreled at Pipeline is, for you, just a pipe dream.

Which is what makes the photos taken by North Shore photographer Clark Little so mesmerizing. His snaps capture fleeting moments inside waves as they’re just cresting, when the sun sparkles through, or as the sand is getting sucked up into the rising water.

Unlike other Hawai‘i-nature photographs of landscapes or ocean-and-beach scenes, Little’s photos let you actually see, and vicariously experience, sights you would never lay eyes on otherwise.

A longtime surfer known for braving Waimea’s shore break, Little spends as much time as ever in the waves, catching images of moments like the ones he lived for as a surfer.

His shots have been featured in surfing mags for several years, but lately Little’s profile has been rising like a winter swell at Sunset. He was a guest on Good Morning America last week, and has been written up in London’s Daily Mail and Guardian in recent weeks too.

Back home in Hawai‘i, you can find prints of Little’s photos hung in recycled window frames at Mu‘uMu‘u Heaven, or order them online on his website.

It’s a pipe dream come true.

Clark Little Photography, or 808.227.3387. Framed prints are on display at Mu‘uMu‘u Heaven in Kailua, through April 11.