Mother's Helper
You’re not executive vice president for nothing. You know how to manage a crisis, keep the top clients happy, and most of all, light a fire under the staff.

But you have one subordinate you just can’t handle. He’s nosy, demanding, and you can’t trust him around anything unlocked. Not to mention he’s totally fixated on your boobs.

The management expert to call to for this job? Baby Guru Hawai‘i, the new parenting consulting company that helps new moms (and dads) deal with all the overwhelming details that come with being a new parent.

Owner Gwen Trowbridge and her team of consultants have tons of expert training, with certifications from the International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS), the International Association of Infant Massage, Baby Signs, Inc., American Red Cross and Safe Kids Child Passenger Safety program.

Baby Guru offers private sessions and small group workshops on babyproofing your house to make it safe for junior to roam freely, soothing a crying jag with baby massage, cooking healthy baby foods, communicating using baby sign language and even packing a forget-nothing diaper bag.

So there will be no question now about who’s the boss, baby.

Baby Guru Hawai‘i, 808.561.5705,