Mother’s Day Pt. 2: 8 Crafty D.I.Y. Ideas

Add a personal touch to Momma’s gift with these D.I.Y. ideas.


Brunch is nice. Flowers are sweet. A gift certificate to her favorite store isn’t bad. But this is Mom we’re talking about. You read our list of awesome gift and dining picks yesterday (thank you, thank you) but, now, you think your mom deserves something as one-of-a-kind as she is.

Infuse the rarest ingredient of all—you!—into her gift with these D.I.Y. projects that are sure to melt her heart. I mean, she kept that macaroni-art picture you made in kindergarten for, like, ever. And, hopefully, this is going to be way better. 

And, hey: If it turns into one big Pinterest fail, you still have brunch.


1. Gold leaf silhouettes

There’s nothing more mom-like than putting photos of you and your siblings on everything. How many times have you tried to hide your cringes as she presented you with a throw or T-shirt sporting a not-so-flattering photo of all of you? These unique gold-leaf silhouettes from Brit & Co. are a great take on the traditional Mom-and-me photo. Find a cute frame and pretty pattern for the background and you’ll be so impressed with yourself you may want to make two—one for your desk.


2. Rose water marshmallows

Because, like these, Mom’s both sweet and classy as hell. Plus, if you’ve never had homemade marshmallows, they are a world away from the store-bought stuff. Mom will be totally impressed.


3. Tissue paper watercolor mug

The woman guzzles chamomile tea like there’s no tomorrow, and the mug she bought at your college gift store ages ago is years past faded. Brighten up her morning cuppa with this pretty mug D.I.Y. from I Spy D.I.Y. that we are head over heels for. Plus, the color and print options are endless. If you’re feeling ambitious, make her enough for a whole mismatched tea party.


4. Handprinted Scarf

In general, your and Mom’s fashion senses diverted years ago, but, when it comes to ladylike scarves, you’re both on the same page. What better to add to her collection than one you printed yourself? At Chai Studio in Ward Village, you can pick up the plain scarf and woodblock stamps (we recommend the pineapple, but they also have a star and topiary) to decorate with. Grab some fabric ink from an art supply store, or, to really customize it, mix acrylic paint in Mom’s favorite color with fabric medium. $16 for woodblocks, $18 for scarf, Chai Studio, Ward Village Shops, 536-4543


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5. Homemade chocolate and hazelnut spread

To you, she’s the strongest woman alive. Except when it comes to her one weakness: chocolate. This Nutella-inspired spread is a fresh, homemade version of everyone’s favorite snack. Layer it into a cute jar, create a rustic label, tie it with some brightly striped baker’s twine and you’re all set. Definitely make extra for yourself, though. Trust us on this.


6. Terrarium

One thing you didn’t inherit from Mom, unfortunately, is a green thumb. You can still feed her passion for plants with an adorable garden made from Paiko’s D.I.Y. bar. Pick one out of the wide range of containers for sale, then assemble accents together for a special little scene using the stones, gravel, shells and glass available. Finish it off with a succulent for good measure. Paiko, 675 Auahi St., 988-2165


7. Paper flowers

She always loves the lilies you get her year after year, but just think how much she’ll love a bouquet you make yourself. This kit from local gift-wrap brand Wrappily makes the loveliest blooms out of its beautifully printed papers, making for an extra-cheerful arrangement. $11.25 for one flower kit,


8. Custom jewelry

You may not have the jeweling savvy of Cartier, but knowing it’s just for her and by you is sure to add an extra special kick to the bauble you give her. At Bead It! in Kaimukī, you’ll find everything you need. Keep it simple with a string of the loveliest, hand-picked beads and charms, or go the extra mile at a class. Wire Basics, which is on Thursday at 6 p.m. and $40, is perfect for beginners. You’ll create a handmade bracelet for Mom and learn how to wrap like a pro. Bead It!, 1152 Koko Head Ave.