Monster Mash-Up

Lei ChicIt's Halloween night and all the cool boys and ghouls showed up for your big monster bash.

Show that you're the ghostest with the mostest and liven things up with this frighteningly fun playlist, loaded with spooktacular songs and monster jamsjust the thing to turn your party into a graveyard smash.

1. "Is There A Ghost," by Band of Horses

2. "Vampire," by Antsy Pants

3. "Vampires With Gold Teeth," by The Fashion

4. "Hunting For Witches," by Bloc Party

5.  "Tuff Ghost," by The Unicorns

6. "Demon Woman," by Flight of the Concords

7. "Ghost In the Machine," by B.o.B.

8. "The Ghost Inside," by Broken Bells

9. "Of Moons, Birds and Monsters," by MGMT

10. "Ghost Pressure," by Wolf Parade  

11. "The Ghost Who Walks," by Karen Elson  

12. "Dracula's Lament," by Jason Segal  

13. "Little Ghost," by The White Stripes