Monday, April 11 – A Couch with a View

The couch on the hospital's 14th floor where Yasue "lived" for a handful of days after the quake.

Some insight on where Yasue "lived" for the first five days or so after the 3/11 quake.

Yesterday, Yasue sent me a picture of the couch she lived on for five or six days after the 3/11 quake.

Text from Yasue: I just wanted to show you the couch that was my bed after 3/11. Not bad, huh? I had a nice city view. Ha ha.

Yeah, not bad at all. At least not now it isn’t. Imagine though looking out that window on 3/11. Not knowing if your house existed. The city in total darkness. Sirens never-ending. The orange glow of distant fires. Cars jamming the streets below unable to move. Their occupants long abandoned them instead trying to walk home. Or, at least get somewhere warm. Somewhere safe. Somewhere like that couch. Yasue described it better than I ever could in her post on March 30.

It took her 19 days before she was able to share with us the details of the night the quake struck and what she saw and heard from that couch.

It took a month for that harrowing view to be transformed back to what she saw before the quake. A couch with nice city view. Ha ha indeed.