Mojo Barbershop debuts manly 'Scrub It Kook' soaps

Mister Clean

Lei Chic
From left: Eucalyptus/Mint, Kukui Homebrew, Sandalwood.

Men, today, we urge you to do your civic duty.

Sure, you need to vote. But after that, it's time to focus on a more pressing issue: reclaiming your bathroom.

Which, thanks to your significant other, is currently filled with candy-colored bottles that make you smell, well, kind of fruity.

Man up with Mojo Barbershop's Scrub It Kook soaps, a brand-new collaboration between the Chinatown barbershop and North Shore Soap Factory, available now.

Lei Chic Make no mistake, these bars practically ooze testosterone. The name: a tribute to the '80s cult classic, North Shore. The packaging: handsome and unfussy with a slightly vintage feel. The scents: reminiscent of Mojo Barbershop's signature services.

Say you like having a beer with your haircut (and really, who doesn't?). Pick up Kukui Homebrew, which is made with actual Guinness Stout. If you enjoy a hot, aromatic towel before your shave, opt for Eucalyptus/Mint. Or, simply join the brotherhood and go with the customer favorite, Sandalwood.

The soaps work up a decent lather, rinse clean and, in a pinch, can double as shaving cream with all-natural, skin soothing ingredients. Plus, their strapping black and tan colors toughen up any shower or sink.

For a bathroom that's fit for a king.

Bar none.

$5.50 each or 3 for $15, available at Mojo Barbershop, 1157 Bethel St.