Misa Jewelry’s Holiday Collection Stunners

Talk about raw beauty.


Baby, it's cold outside, and we can't help but feel like everyone around us is calling in sick. We can see it in the wan wardrobes, lethargic looks and anemic accessorizing. Yep, there's definitely something going around and we are not about to catch that bug, so we're layering up.


Well, on our fingers and wrists, at least, with Misa Jewelry’s new holiday collection. This gorgeous slew of fine jewelry pieces has an organic feel, alive with branchlike circlets of rich, 14-karat yellow or rose gold and romantic gems, such as milky opal and alluring moonstone. Designer Misa Hamamoto still takes care to hand-sculpt each design herself and, for this collection, she looked to one of her tried-and-true muses as a source of inspiration: nature. Hamamoto has had more than enough chances to commune with Mother N for design advice during her recent travels to Yosemite and Kaua‘i. The result is an earthy-meets-elegant collection with unique, raw metalwork that perfectly complements the serene selection of stones, which were handpicked for the way they reminded Hamamoto of the sea and the sky. Beyond implementing watery aquamarine and starlike diamonds, she also calls the new creations names such as Raindrop, Cove and Waterfall.


And what water babes they are. Look for dainty necklaces lined with wee stones that end in chunky, iridescent, pear-shaped opals, fine metal branches strung up on delicate chains, and gold-lined rows of teardrop-shaped stones of various colors and depths. Earrings make an appearance, too, including small studs with a coral-like texture and sleek hoops with bold gems. What’s really giving us chills, though, are Hamamoto’s incredible, eclectic rings. From a luxury engagement-caliber stunner featuring a hodgepodge of pear, round and square-cut diamonds embedded in one luxe band, to a dramatic, blue-black labradorite number bordered here and there with tiny diamonds, each boho beauty has a rough, all-natural appeal—as if you'd stumbled across it in a mine, a one-in-a-million naturally occurring precious gem.


Feel our temperature—are we getting hotter yet?


$225–$900. Engagement rings from $1,000–$5,600. misajewelry.com.