Minor Adjustments


Those holiday snapshots arrived in the mail, and your friend's toddler is just the cutest little thing. But, okay, maybe “little” is not quite the right word.

Then there’s your niece who gives the word “petite” a whole new meaning. She’s 2 years old, and still sporting 12-month-old clothing.

Kids come in all shapes, but their clothing sizes just go by age. So how can you be sure that adorable outfit you picked out won't be relegated to the closet (until she grows into it in about three years) or in the “already outgrown before she opened it” pile? www.leichic.comWaipio’s Kathleen Geiger has a solution all sewn up.

The mom of two boys began her business creating shopping cart covers and selling them at craft fairs. But now one of her other most popular items is a dress she first created for her niece that’s designed to grow with little girls. What begins as a cute sundress for 1-year-olds can later be worn as a top for 6-year-olds.

The key is in the drawstring neckline. The ribbon that threads through the top and ends in a bow on the shoulder can be retied tighter or looser to adjust the neck and arm holes with every birthday.

The dress is one-size-fits-all for all your future fashionistas and comes in a variety of sunny prints.

Making it easy for girls as young as 2, 4, or 6 to dress to the nines.

Order the adjustable pillowcase dress/top at www.justcharminghawaii.etsy.com . Or email justcharming_hi@yahoo.com