Meredith Hahn's delicate 18k-vermeil jewelry

Hahn Your Mark

Meredith Hahn

You probably know the age-old fashion rule: invest in quality, timeless pieces that never go out of style. (Of course you do, silly us.) What about lesser-known fashion rule number two: timeless does not equal boring? Based on all the LBDs and tiny stud earrings in your closet, we're thinking… probably not.

Open your eyes to Meredith Hahn's classic-yet-totally-un-boring gold vermeil jewelry. The Makawao, Maui-based designer sketches and carves her designs out of wax, then flies to Los Angeles to get them cast, plated and polished. The result: delicate, simple pieces with subtle, modern edge that add flair, not flash, to your outfits.

The 34-year-old started making beaded necklaces as a hobby growing up in Los Angeles. But her business didn't take off until colleagues at her first job noticed her work (FYI, it was at Martha Stewart, and yes, Martha herself ordered a few pieces). After training in formal wax carving and diamond setting in New York, Hahn struck gold with precious metals. Her newest pieces are inspired by utilitarian shapes like screws, arrows, and nailheads.

So swap out those Tiffany hearts for sharper Vita kite spear studs, or layer your favorite gold chain with a Maren faceted prism necklace. Then, what the heck, stack on the Justine rings, accented with hearts, spears, and bars, for a little extra drama.

Hey, if Martha approves…

Prices range from $35-$295. Meredith Hahn jewelry is available online at, and starting this week at Riches, Kahala Mall, Collins & 8th, 560 Pensacola St., Suite 105, and Olive Boutique, 43 Kihapai St.

Meredith Hahn