Maybe it’s in the numbers

Photo by Melissa Chang

Since tomorrow is 11/11/11, I thought I'd talk a little about the number sequence. You may see people tweet and Facebook "11:11" at 11:11 every day; I know I do.

If you Google 11:11, there are a lot of different explanations for the phenomenon. Some people feel the numbers are stalking them, appearing everywhere they turn. In most cases, for literally millions of people around the world, the number or time prompt 11:11 is not just stalking them, but is a symbol of positive energy flow, spirituality, and/or the time of spirit guardians. For others, it's just an interesting string of numbers.

Whatever the numbers mean for you, I thought it was interesting when this listing on 2417 Wilson St. popped up recently in the MLS: number 1111111. (Click here for details.)

At first glance, there's nothing remarkable about it; it's a simple, older home on a large, level lot Kalihi Valley. But the number one is still in its history—it was the first home built in this neighborhood, and has had just one owner. In fact, when it was built in 1948, the area was practically pristine, with no telephone poles or homes on this open lot, which allowed the son to freely run with his kite.

The street now has four homes on it, but it's still fairly quiet. The home has three bedrooms, one bathroom, and is ADA accessible. The new roof was installed in 2005, and there's new paint, copper plumbing, and a partial electrical upgrade.

If the number 11:11 has meaning for you, you may want to check it out on 11/11/11, but you probably want to act fast, as there are already offers on the table for this property.

For more information on 11:11, click here.

Money talk: $499,000 fee simple
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