Maya Bella Boutique adds men's section, Kane Clothing line

Male Order Pride

Maya Bella Boutique for men

Lei Chic presents Real Men of Genius
(Singer: "Real Men of Geniuuuus")

Today, we salute you: the mister of Maya Bella Boutique.
("The mister of Maya Bella Boutique.")

We're talking to you, Jake Pacarro.
You helped your wife and her partner transform their new Kailua location into a stylish shop.
("LOVE that custom cash wrap.")

But you wanted to do more. Much more.
So you started a men's label, Kane Clothing Co.
Your art and graphic design background came in handy when creating hip, island-inspired silkscreened T-shirts and caps.
("Check out that pineapple.")

  Kane Clothing Co. and Keiki Kane
  Kane Clothing Co. Aloha State of Mind men's shirt, $24, and assorted Keiki Kane designs, $20 each.

Then there's your coordinating Keiki Kane line for boys.
Only a cool dad would create shirts that pay tribute to both childhood memories and contributions from your kids.
Our favorite: "A Hui Hou Buffalo," a phrase the keiki learned from Tutu.
(It's like "See you later, alligator.")

But that wasn't enough.
No, you had to help build an entire men's section, stocked with Kailua-based lines like Straight Up Surf, Eastside, and Twin Islands.
Then mix in contemporary pieces, like striped tanks and light pullover hoodies.
Finally, men have their own area to shop while the ladies are in the dressing room.
(No more chair, yeah!)

So cheers to you: the mister of Maya Bella Boutique,
For giving our guys a reason to crack open their wallets,
And trade their sweatpants for a little style.
Because without you,
their outfits would still be the Bud of everyone’s jokes.
("The mister of Maya Bella Bouuuuutique.")

Kane Clothing Co. is available at Maya Bella Boutique, 111 Hekili St., Suite 108. For more information, call (808) 262-3300 or click here.