Maui Soap Co.’s Pretty, Upscale New Line

Introducing the new Aloha ‘Āina line.


There are a few things we’re really, really good at. Blowing enormous soap bubbles, for one. Reciting lines from obscure ’90s movies, for another. (Encino Man ftw!) When it comes to biology, however, we’re at a loss, so we look to the professionals for the answers to all our burning questions. For instance: What the hell is an “oryx”? Can I feed my dog white chocolate? How do I score a local soap that’s also good for the environment?


We’re still not sure about the whole oryx thing, but we've definitely got that last question answered, thanks to Maui Soap Co.’s new Aloha ‘Āina line. Co-owner Conor Neary currently runs the biz, known for its beautifully marbled bars of phthalate- and paraben-free glycerin soap, with his wife on Maui, but in a previous life he was actually a biologist on Haleakala! Super cool resume aside, Neary wanted to combine his skills in the bath and body industry with his love for the environment. The couple is doing it by raising money for conservation with the line: 10 percent of the profits from Aloha ‘Āina products will be donated to Hawaiian wildlife protection programs.


As if that weren't enough good news, the line has some tropical floral packaging that is pretty as can be. A flurry of retro-look illustrated pineapples, monstera leaves, hibiscus flowers, bananas and other well-known local flora in bright, vivacious colors pepper the labels. The line currently includes aromatherapy soaps and aromatherapy candles (which come in tins and would look gorgeous as desk or dresser decor, by the way), but look for lotions and creams soon. This premium line was actually designed for the high-end spas and boutiques on Maui Soap Co.’s retailer list, so expect a leg up in the luxe department, with three new, premium scents: Coconut Milk, Hibiscus Passion and Plumeria Nectar, all made from rich, wonderfully aromatic tropical and essential oils.


Only one last question: How many should we get?