Manuhealii dresses mix graphic prints with modern details

Graphic Design

Manuhealii's Meleana dress
Photos by Manuhealii

Cab driver: Where to?

Girl: The nearest mall and step on it! I've got a last-minute dinner and I need an amazing outfit asap.

Cab driver: Navigating all those racks might take a while. Why don't I drop you off at Manuhealii instead? The local fashion retailer just released two new dresses that are guaranteed to stop traffic.

Manuhealii's Brianna maxi Girl: I don't know. Aloha wear isn't really my speed.

Cab driver: Don't worry, these styles will steer you in a more contemporary direction. Meleana is a three-quarter-sleeved mini dress that hugs the body in all the right places; Brianna is a flowy racerback maxi with exposed hot pink zipper. Both feature great tribal, tattoo-inspired prints in fun color combos, like brown and black, blue and white, or yellow and green.

Girl: Hmm, sounds like the perfect way to show off my GPS, a.k.a. Great Personal Style. But let's talk comfort – how long will that meter be running?

Cab driver: Thanks to an uber-soft blend of rayon and lycra, all night long.

Girl: Alright, I'll take them for a spin. Hey, how much do I owe you?

Cab driver: Absolutely nothing! When it comes to stylish new finds, you can always keep the change.

Meleana dress, $52, and Brianna maxi, $78, are available at Manuhealii, 930 Punahou St., (808) 942-9868, and 5 Hoolai St., (808) 261-9865, and online.