Manly Martinis

The Guinness Martini

Bambu Two Café is known for its large selection of girly martinis, but there’s actually a reason here for men to enjoy a martini that strays from the typical gin, or vodka, with a splash of dry vermouth.

I visited Bambu Two Cafe to try The Guinness Martini ($8), a delicious martini that tastes and looks like a Guinness with its espresso, vanilla vodka, kahlua and Tia Maria coffee liqueur combination. Though this drink was categorized on its menu as a Gentleman Quarterly Martini, women would enjoy the cold-coffee-like drink too.

As I sipped away at my martini, I read the other manly martinis off the menu. There’s the GQ with Jack Daniels and triple sec and a drink called the Kentucky Derby that has bourbon and triple sec. Finally, I read the description for the Tall, Dark and Handsome: Jim Beam, Red Bull and Amaretto. Wait… what? I spent the next few minutes trying to imagine what Jim Beam, Red Bull and Amaretto would taste like together, because I love Red Bull and I like Amaretto, but couldn’t imagine it with Jim Beam. I was curious, so I decided to ask the bartender.

"It’s a little weird," he replied, as if he’s been asked this before. "Want me to make you something off the menu?" he asked.

I decided against burning a hole in my stomach and opted for the bartender’s fruity martini offering. I like to think I can drink like a man, but those manly martinis are definitely stronger than my norm.

1144 Bethel St., Honolulu.