Mālie Organics Introduces Its New Line of Perfumes

We love these beautiful bottles and tropical scents.


We’ve never really understood why Mary was so contrary if she spent all her time outside watering this and planting that, but we suspect she was getting a little sick and tired of her hum-drum lineup of posies. Silver bells, after all, are so last century.


How her garden grows may be no business of ours, but we can at least tell her how to gussy up her own sweet fragrance with the first-ever collection of Mālie Organics eaux de parfums, which launched last month. Formulated with wild-crafted and organic ingredients, this collection is as fresh as they come, inspired by exotic scents and botanicals of the Islands that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical garden. Fans of the brand’s roll-on perfume oils will really want to pick up these sprayable, more complex scents.


Spritz on plumeria if you’re craving a soft, sensual floral number with a hint of spicy sandalwood and tantalizing citrus, or go wild with hibiscus, which blends melon, greens, moss and musk for a lush scent reminiscent of mountain ranges. Mango nectar and coconut vanilla rely on harvests from the orchard end of the spectrum for these delicious-sounding scents that include notes of papaya, orange, peach and banana. Also growing strong? The musk- and jasmine-based pīkake, and kōke‘e, a woodsy scent of amber, jasmine and balsam. Each perfume is free of petroleum, mineral spirits, sulfates and parabens and comes packaged in a beautiful glass bottle that will put even your prettiest planter to shame.


We don’t know what to do about Mary’s cockle-shell problem. But at least now all those maids in a row will smell just as pretty as they look.


$45 for a 1.7-ounce bottle, Mālie Boutique, The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, 2259 Kalākaua Ave., malie.com.