Making your home more inviting to buyers

If you’re bringing prospective buyers into your home, you probably want them to focus on the property’s best features.

On the flip side, you probably don’t want buyers to be distracted by clutter or blemishes that would be easy to take care of on your own.

Earlier this month, Prudential Locations offered a two-part series on prepping your home for sale by social media and content manager Matthew Wells. All the tips are located on the company’s blog. Personally, I was most intrigued by the do-it-yourself advice, which might be useful to anyone who wants to showcase a home in its best light.

Starting with the exterior, Wells recommends grooming your lawn, power-washing the exterior walls, cleaning out the rain gutters and removing stains from the driveway with soap, water and elbow grease. Inside, he focuses on simple projects that can improve a home’s appearance beyond just tidying up.

Some of my favorite suggestions include:

  • Replacing the knobs on your bathroom and kitchen cabinets to upgrade their look,
  • Repositioning window treatments higher on the wall to create the illusion of height in a low-ceilinged room, and
  • Making sure your home doesn’t look like it’s filled with props by giving it a lived in appearance. Wells suggests lighting the wicks on candles and strategic placement of a few already-read books.

If you have bigger jobs that require bringing in professional help, you can also take a look at the Prudential Locations blog for advice on how to manage your resources and focus on the improvements that have the most impact.