Make your Memorial Day Memorable

Did you know Memorial Day was created to honor Union and Confederate soldiers following the American Civil War? It has since evolved to honor U.S. soldiers who have fallen in all wars. It has evolved even further into an excuse for an epic al fresco party. As we head into the three-day weekend, we gave you four must-try recipes from top local chefs, now, here are four tips to help make the day just right.

The perfect picnic dessert is fresh pineapple sprinkled with li hing powder—it’s refreshing, a crowd pleaser and takes minutes to make. But the li hing ingredient labels look like a list for a chemistry experiment. Here—have some phenylketonurics and red #40 with your juicy fruit! Onopops has solved the dilemma with its all-natural li hing powder. Where does the trademark red come from? From carminic acid extracted from cochineals—a type of insect. Available at Whole Foods Kahala.

The Windward Side is packed with prime spots for Memorial Day revelry. And Hibachi in Kailua has the goods for the grill. It has the usual suspects—kal bi and barbecue chicken—but best of all is the Big Island grassfed steaks—cuts such as rib eye and tri-tip. Get them plain or seasoned with the house-made Cajun rub. About $17.95 a pound. Hibachi, 515 Kailua Rd., 263-7980,


Do you like prosecco? I like prosecco—especially at picnics. It’s fun and it goes with everything on that motley potluck table, whether it’s poke or hot dogs. Keep it cold in a stylish and crazy cheap steel tub from Target (it’s in stock at both Oahu locations). Just add ice. $14.99.



Got the paper plate blues? Perk up your picnic with these Crayola-colored plates that leave one hand free—there are pukas for your thumb and a cup. Perfect for barbecue grazing. And, yes, they are recyclable. $16.25 for large, $14.50 for medium. Available at