Make It With the Family: Let It Snow Photo Backdrop

Sew your own “snow scene” for a fun and playful Christmas photo op.
Snow pom poms


Let it snow in your holiday cards this year. We created this “snow scene” with strings of pom poms hung in a bedroom.



  • White pom poms. We used three different sizes.
  • Fishing line or white thread
  • Sewing needle



  1. Cut 4 to 5 feet of thread or fishing line. You want the strings to be at least a foot taller than your child.
  2. Thread the needle and use it to string pom poms on about 2 to 3 inches apart. Vary the sizes on each string.
  3. Attach the strings to a clothesline strung across a room. We also attached the strings to a bamboo pole and held it above the kids during the photo shoot.
  4. Toss pillows on the ground and cover with a white comforter or fluffy white blankets to create the feel of snow on the ground.
  5. Snap away!



➸ The line tangles very easily. Hang each up immediately after stringing on the pom poms.

➸ We created three rows of snow for our photos.

➸ Loop the string or line through pom pom once to lock each into position.